Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why I like the Academy Awards

Thanks for the post from Rashad Townsend
My favorite awards show to watch on my www.directstartv.com is the Academy Awards. I am a real movie buff, so I enjoy being able to view my favorite actors get awarded for outstanding performances they give in films. The academy awards also seem to be held in a higher esteem than some of the other awards shows that are sometimes filled with scandalous rumors of unfair voting.
Overall I am usually happy with the actors and actresses that win the individual awards. I also like being able to see the movies that have been nominated for awards. That way I can get a feel for how good some of the movies are that I haven't seen. It is also interesting to see the film makers and actors talk about their work. There are usually some great hosts on the academy awards that really put on a good show for everyone.
The fashion at the show is much more important than some of the other award shows as well. It is interesting to see how much some of the actresses pay for their dresses. Some of them pay thousands of dollars just for one dress that they will only wear one time. I suppose it is important to look exceptionally good at all times if you are an actor, and that is especially true when millions of eyes are watching you.

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