Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Office

Written by my friend Ian Cruz

I have always wanted satellite TV and finally decided to break down and spend the money to get it. I knew this winter was going to be a bad one and that I would possibly spending a lot of time indoors so I looked at it as more of an investment for my sanity. During the winter months my boyfriend and I spend most of our time at my house. His apartment does not have central heat like mine, plus he does not even have cable which just does not cut it with my TV habit. He has never been a big fan of any TV show but since getting satellite TV I have gotten him hooked on watching The Office. It is right up his alley with silly humor and the way the show is written, in a documentary format, is pure genius! I love that this allows for confessionals from the employees at Dunder Mifflon and all the glances at the camera every time Michael does something stupid are always perfectly timed. Our favorite episode so far is the one where Dwight takes Ryan on his first sales call and leaves him stranded in a beet field. It is so ridiculous and funny that you cannot help but to love it. I am trying to get him caught up on all the seasons so that we can start watching the newer ones too.

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Unknown said...

uy naa sd GP, btw tsang nabalik ang pr diri?