Thursday, May 19, 2011


No, it's not about the saying "Mi casa es su casa"! CASA stands for Christian Academy of San Antonio. This charter school is one of the most prestigious Christian school you can find here in San Antonio.
Anyway, months ago we applied our daughter to this institution. Akesha took the entrance exam a couple of weeks ago, and got the results last Monday. So we met up with the elementary principal regarding her entrance exam test results. And thank goodness, she got accepted! 
waiting area...pretty soon, this will be my spot.
Hubby and I were so happy about the good news. Akesha's school starts on the first week of August. She's pretty excited going to school!


Unknown said...

wow, hehe wat to go akesh, aguy ang nanay nakapili na sa iyang spot mag paabot sa studyante hehe,

dalia ra jd sa panahon tsang no, naa nka studyante, nya sayo mata pa jd. good luck akesha

Mel_Cole said...

oh wow, wtg Akesh! :) I bet she will be very excited. And you can do many things na yotch.