Sunday, April 24, 2011

Suplado Tips Book Promotion

Stanley Chi, already popular for his quick wit and dry humor, brings candor to a new level through the contemporary Suplado Tips. Chi started showing his knack for comedy when he created the comic strip Chopsticks for Manila Bulletin eight years ago, still being published every Sunday. He went on to become a standup comic and a TV host for the comedy show Front Act.
The book, just like any monumental discovery, started as a completely random and impromptu post on Facebook. “That online post turned out to be my very first suplado tip,” Chi said. “I toyed with the idea that being cocky can be a means of getting what you want – or at least a way to delude yourself that you already have everything in the first place.” Soon after he shared several of his suplado tips on Facebook, they spread like wildfire.
 “Reading a suplado tip is like acting out a fantasy. The book gives you many scenarios where being standoffish gives you the upper hand, something which otherwise would not happen in real life,” Chi added.
Having been released nationwide in National Bookstore and Fully Booked outlets just last March, some stores have already reported a shortage of the book. Suplado Tips has reaped a cult following even before the book’s release, with readers already scouring bookstores months before the book made it to the shelves.
With the book selling like pancakes way before the book launch to be held on the last week of May, PSICOM Publishing Inc.’s Tom Aquitania was more than happy that he asked Chi to write the book. After the undeniable popularity of Stanley Chi’s suplado tips on Facebook and on television’s Front Act (of which Chi was a host), Aquitania asked Chi to compile them into a book. “Stanley’ssuplado tips on Facebook has even led to the creation of the Suplado Society of the Philippines, complete with its own suplado oath. All of this, despite being clearly just a pseudo-serious joke, is also an unmistakable sign that Stanley Chi’s suplado tips is something the public will want more of,” Aquitania said.
Avail of Stanley Chi’s  Suplado Tips through It is also available in Fully Booked and National Bookstore outlets throughout the country (at least, while supplies last – and who knows till when that will be). You may also visit to find out why suplado is the new sexy.

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