Monday, April 25, 2011

Basketball and Me

Authored by Greg Fletcher

Many people protest exercise. When my doctor first told me that I would have to start exercising on a regular basis, I wanted to protest right away, and say, "Hey, that's not fair!" However, I've worked exercising into my daily schedule. I'm so glad I did. Knowing that I can come to a group exercise class with a friendly and uplifting environment is great for me.
My group exercise class focuses on basketball. I'm one of the only two women in the class, but I still manage to shoot the hoops with the guys. I really love basketball now, and I wish there had been a sports team for basketball at my college for women so that I could have tried out.
Basketball is great. It's well worth waking up an extra hour earlier every morning for it too. I wake up, get dressed, turn on my home security alert system from, and go to my group exercise basketball class. Then I continue on with my day - with more energy then before.
I've had more energy because I've started working out, and I feel great. Basketball has helped me change my life!

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