Thursday, April 14, 2011

100 Dogs

Have you heard the news about the slaughter of 100 dogs of Outdoor Adventures Whistler last April 2010 in Canada? According to the news, the Outdoor Adventures Whistler, a sled-dog tour operator that offers sled rides was accused of inhumanely slaughtering 100 of their sled dogs to cut down costs after the Olympics. It was reported that the business faced downturn as the tourism slowed down.

As to the current report, Outdoor Adventures Whistler Company is under investigation regarding this animal cruelty issue. The company is suspected to have heartlessly slaughtered 100 sled dogs using firearms but the company owner, Joey Houssian said during his first interview that his company is unaware about the level of slaughter. The company’s spokesperson even said that there were no firearms seen on the site.

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