Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taking Kids to the Ocean

Guest post from: Bruno Smith
I love taking my kids to the beach before school starts. We are from the snowy state of Michigan, but we have a house in gorgeous Naples, Florida. By taking my kids on a little vacation before school starts, they are able to relax and mentally get refreshed before a rigorous school year starts.
Before I leave for vacation, I make sure to set the home security alarm from This is a great way to make sure our home stays safe while I am away. My kids love having the time in Florida to relax and do whatever they want. A lot of times, they beg me to go to the beach with them. At the beach, we will pick up shells or go surfing. We sometimes just like to lay out and tan for hours. This is one of the most fun ways to bond with my kids.
My kids also love to ride their bikes around Naples, Florida. This is one of the safest areas of the country so I am not worried about letting them go off by themselves. Overall, I think a little vacation is a necessity for any child before a new school year starts up. This can be a great way that kids refresh their minds and clear them of all stress and anxiety. My kids love vacations and I know they love Florida!


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

sus bayot may gani ning imung perception naa pay tao heheh akoa arang mingawa naman uy walay gamayng patalastas

eden said...

I love taking my kids to the beach too kaya lang layo layo man sa amo..