Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why the Steve Wilkos Show is My Favorite Daytime TV Show

Content by Kyle Lowe
There is something to be said about a bald former police officer laying down the law. Whether it is throwing a chair or making a deadbeat dad stand up rather than be comfortable doesn't matter. The show gets me excited every time it is on. On the Steve Wilkos show I can see some of the worst people imaginable. I see racists, rapists, child molesters, and dead beats. While most people don't enjoy viewing such human monsters I find the idea of seeing them exposed for what they are as being a good thing.
When I watch my favorite show on my direct tv spanish channels I can't help but think that at least one show on television has the guts to actually do something about the child predators and scum that exist in the world. Most shows simply talk to the individuals involved. On this show they are treated in a manner they deserve. If they act like they have common sense and decency and are proven to be innocent via a lie detector test they are treated well. However, if they lie on their lie-detector test and are proven to be guilty by their own doing then they are treated exactly as they deserve.
The Steve Wilkos show is a sort of spin-off from the Jerry Springer show. A former security guard for the show, Steve Wilkos, was given a chance to do his own thing. Thankfully he does it very well.

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