Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hey Big Boy!

Written by Fermin Washington

My boyfriend of 5 years is having a big birthday coming up. The big three oh! He is not that happy about this big step but, what else can you do? Everyone ages and besides, I love him despite his old age! I have thought about what to get him but, he is not big on presents either. "They just serve as a reminder that I am not getting younger any more while you are still in college!" I hate when he pulls that card! I cannot help it if I took a few years off...
Anyway, I think I am going to throw him a nice little dinner party. I found some great recipes from believe it or not from our satellite wireless internet! They have great party ideas and I think I will use some of them to get him in the mood for my present behind closed doors. Anyway! I hope he likes what I am doing for him. I do not want to get him mad after all that he has done for me and the baby. I really owe him everything. I want to make sure his birthday is special. Maybe I will throw him a larger affair and have a costume party? I could invite all his old frat brothers! Oh my God! I am so excited about it!

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