Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wall Painting

Guest post written by Saundra Deherrera

My roommates and I were getting entirely sick of the look of our home's interior. We all live in a three story house that has quite a lot of rooms and we were all dying for a change because all of the walls were white when we moved in and we never cared to change the way the walls looked. We decided that we needed more color throughout the house but since most of us are under 5' 5" and we all work during the day we knew we would not have enough time to start painting the walls on our own.
What we decided to do as roommates was call in the professionals at home improvement by sears to help us paint the walls so we could have a splash of color inside our home and maybe that would give us a head start on our long awaited mission to decorate the house. First we went to the store and picked out all sorts of painting pantone cards so we could choose the colours that we wanted the rooms to be painted inside of the house. Then we called up a painting crew and had them come to our home so we could have our rooms painted. The painting crew moved our Furniture out of the way, put down drop cloths and painted our house for us.

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