Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New City

Thanks to guest blogger Jacob Martin for the post.

Moving is a daunting task for anyone, especially me. It seems that this last move I made was very nerve racking. I had known that we were moving for about a month, therefore I started making preparations immediately. The first task was to find our new house, this was a bit nerve racking, however after a few searches, we found the perfect one.
Next, before we even started packing, I called and had utilities, water and home security cameras ready to go when we moved in. This was simple and required little time when compared to the rest of the moving adventure. After purchasing boxes, I began to pack our possessions, only to find that I did not purchase enough boxes. Which was taken care of easily enough, but just added to the constant running here and there.
After securing the moving truck, things seemed to be going smoothly enough. Luck was on our side as we drove the 650 miles south to our new home. Thus, then began the nightmare of unpacking and getting settled in. But all in all, moving to this new city was exciting and proved to be a great move for us all.

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