Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cadbury Wispa Duo

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I think most people loves chocolate and for some chocolate is a comfort food. I like eating chocolate, but I have specifics. I prefer chocolate bars with stuff in it like caramel and nuts than a plain one. I have a friend who eats chocolate like every day and according to her she would be lost without her simple chocolate pleasures. I thought it was funny!
So what is your favorite chocolate brand? One of my favorite chocolate bars is Cadbury wispa. Have you ever heard of Cadbury wispa bars? They were a chocolate bar with air bubbles in it. The last time I had that chocolate was during my college days. I had it for a long time. My best friend’s mom works in the UK, and she sends her lots of Cadburys wispa bars. It was delicious! I was very excited when I found out that wispa bar is back! They were out a few years ago. And now they came up with a new wispa duo chocolate bar. It’s basically a bar of two halves. A distinct meeting of a left bar and a right bar. Did you get it? So if you would like to know about this new chocolate bar, you should watch the video below.

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