Monday, June 28, 2010

Best sites for managing your photos online

Guest post written by Katherine Houle.
With brand new social networking sites and blog-type sites popping up across the hughesnetInternet every day, it's becoming easier to manage your photos and videos anytime. And with the speed and interactivity of hughes internet in NC, you can post more pictures than ever before.
The most obvious choice and most widely used for making photo albums to share with family and friends is by using some form of social networking. Right now the most popular choice is Facebook. You are allowed hundreds of photos and can organize them in any number of albums. You can crop them and add in colorful captions. Another great feature is the ability to 'tag' any number of family or friends in the photo, which instantly adds the same photo to anyone 'tagged'. One person can share the same photo with anyone in it.
Another great way to manage and post photos online is by creating a blog. More and more families and groups are creating their own blogs. Either with a host site such as blogspot or by buying a new domain, which sounds daunting and expensive, but doesn't cost more than $10 a year, and it's possible to find domain names for even cheaper. Photos can be posted daily and organized chronologically or by subject and anyone can access old posts years back. Along with the photos, you can post comments or tell stories, which helps the audience really understand what is going on. Thanks to hughes satelliteinternet, I can organize and create great photo projects.

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