Monday, May 3, 2010

Termites Guide

When I took my daughter for a walk last weekend, we passed a house in our neighborhood that is all covered with plastic. I haven't seen a whole house all wrapped up with plastic before. So I asked hubby about it. He said that it must be a termite issue. Even though my neighbor's house was treated with chemicals, I am concerned that my house might be invaded next.

According to my research, there are over 40 species of termites found in the USA. The termites live in colonies that have highly developed social systems dominated by a king and a queen. Special termites care for the queen who can live for up to 50 years and lay thousands of eggs each year. Other residents of the colony include worker termites, soldiers, and reproductive.

When termite swarms after it rains, you should be aware and read some guidelines on how to get rid of termites. To get rid of termites, you can't repel them - you have to eliminate them.


eden said...

Great post, Dhemz. We just had our house treated again last month which is good for 5 yrs. It was a general treatment.

Mel Alarilla said...

Naku, napakalaking problema ang mga termites na yan. Para silang mga politiko sa Pinas na nginangatngat ang pundasyon nang demokrasya sa bansa, lol. Lumulusob yan sa paglipad nang mga adult termites. Tapos babagsak yan at mawawala ang kanilang mga pakpak at kung saan saan na susuot hanggang ngatngatin na ang lahat nang mangangatngat nila kasama na ang mga libro at mahahalagang bagay na wood based. Ingat lang at kumunsulta agad sa experts kapag nasugod nang mga anay. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.