Tuesday, May 18, 2010

5 Simple Scholarships That Anyone Can Get!

Right after my daughter turns four (04/15), I immediately encouraged her to start writing her full name and she's been very cooperative. After 1 week of teaching her to write, she is now able to write every single letter of her full name....wohooo! Great job baby! Oopps, I mean Akesh! She told me not to call her baby anymore. She said " Mama, I'm not a baby anymore...I'm a big girl now!" Ouch, that hurts! My baby is a big girl now!
I hope she's ready to enter kindergarten next year. Going to pre-school is unnecessary in my opinion. My husband and I taught our daughter more than she would have learned at preschool. I teach her basic education on both languages, Tagalog & English. Way to go Akesh!

We can't wait to see her go to school and get a scholarship someday.
Are you looking for alternative easy scholarship? Well, here is a list of a few of the easy scholarships you could apply for:

1. Wells Fargo. They are giving out 20 $1000 scholarships. All you need to do to make an application is just fill in your name and also contact information.

2. Create a Greeting Card. Is giving $10,000 for college. All you need to do is create a greeting card and send to them to be entered for you to win the scholarship...pretty easy!

3. The Military Scholarship. For this one you simply complete the form and you are entered for the chance at $10,000. Additionally you do not really have to be in the military in order to win (don't tell anyone and improve your chances).

4. The Scholarships for Dads. One more $10,000 easy scholarship awarded out every month. All you need to do will be enter your name and email.

5. Scholarships for Moms. Again, just sign-up by filling in the form and you might win $10,000.

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