Monday, March 8, 2010

Real-Time Search

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The web has constantly been changing as new technologies are created. There is another thing that will be changing the web as well and that is the real time search. If you want to learn more about real time searching, you are going to want to read the post written by Ben Behrouzi. Ben is the founder of DotNext and the CoFounder of and knows how real time searching is going to change the web. His post is titled, “5 reasons Why ‘We’ Will Change the Web” and it discusses how real time search, real time conversations, real time media, user generated content, and control over content will be key factors in how the web changes. One example he discusses is the Facebook factor. When Facebook opens up its database to be searchable, what do you think will happen when you can search through millions of people’s opinions, experiences and tips? It will be very different then your current experience. Would you get more out of a search when you can search through people’s conversations? If you want to learn more about real time searching, you should visit Ben’s post and leave a comment. I found the post to be very interesting.

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Hitesh Rawat said...

i also got the mail for this opportunity, but i was late to grab it.......