Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lots of Things to Thank About!

I finally got rid of the stink'n virus on my laptop! Thank God everything is back to normal. Anyhow, I have lots of things to thank about.
I. I would like to thank Mami Clang of Kizuna for sending us some goodies all the way from Japan! I have been meaning to post about this, but I kept forgetting! I am so thankful to met a friend like you here in blogland Mami Clang...(inde plastik!) We haven't meet each other in person yet, but I know for sure that you are a good friend to keep. I love all the stuff you sent us. Thanks a lot dear. I will definitely use the sushi laquer box!
I saw a tiny hand right there! Someone can't wait to open the candy!...lol!
She loves her new dress....she said "Salamat po tita Clang!"....ehhehehe!

II. I am thankful that I now have more than 500 followers! I did not expect that to happen. Thanks a lot guys for your support!
III. My first award I got this year is the " Beautiful Blogger Award". Beautiful blogger? Who me? Nay, you've got to be kidding me! Thanks to these folks who included me on their list. Thanks a lot guys!
1. Just Simple Thoughts
2. Sis Rose
3. Ning
4. Mami Kat
5. Gene
6. David Funk
7. TeBenggalicious
8. Kat

The simple rule is to list 7 things about myself. So here you go!
1. I collect shot glasses
2. I collect angels
3. I collect shirts every time we go or travel places
4. I like to rearrange our house
5. I'm still scared of driving in the freeway...lol!
6. I love to shop
7. And I am a blog ADDICT!


David Funk said...

Holy Cranberry Batman! You are indeed beautiful for all those that passed you that award!

I completely agree about Clarissa! She's as sweet as they come.

BTW, I'm going to be sending you an email soon. It is about WBE.

Glad you got rid of that virus.

Good night my friend!

Unknown said...

I love what you love tsang. shopping ohh boy kwarta ra wa intawn waaaaa.

Diili na kaayo ko addict ron ky nagparehab mn ko bayot lol.

Ka gwafa sa model, tenk you tita clang jud hehe awww how sweet.

Bait ni mami clang, lahat ng nasa japan giapuran. well mababait naman lahat mga mommy na yun, pretty pa liwat nku waaaa

Mao bitaw naa ka award beautiful ky dili ika deny tsang as in, pretty momma and sexya lol.nytnyt nku yots uy mwah kisses sa kulot.

nuts said...

you are beautiful! bloggers tagged you because you deserve it. Please tag me too..Lol
i only knew it here that you rearrange the house? have you tried switching the room and rearrange accordingly.. :D
hello addict, haha. it will take years to rehabilitate. and i think nobody can stop you from being a blog addict. me too. (lol)

Cacai M. said...

agoy igo^ mn jud ni kulot ang pinky.. medyo loag diay gamay but okz rah ky angayan mn pod.. nice pod na'ng sushi locker madam sis.. heheh.. na-ibog.. lol.. oizzt congrats diay sa imong award.. you deserve it.. ~hugs&kisses~

Lina Gustina said...

Nice to know you more, Dhemz...
Happy blogging :)

nice A said...

Hello, beautiful BLOG ADDICT! You're really beautiful, girl:) Congrats for all your success.

Sarah A. Galang, Ph.D. said...

congrats for the award at goodies, grabe daming gifts, makikitang natutuwa ang anak...

His Unfailing Love

Faye said...

nice things you received and of course you must be thankful.
nice dress, kesh!

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

from japan with love pala ang pagpadala sa iyo,hehe..

Cecile said...

ka sweet talaga ni Clang eh; she snt you stuffs...i like akesha's new pink dress :-); she sure loves it...kita gud sa iyang kamut :-)

Unknown said...

you have lots of generous friends, my dear. grabe ang blessings ha. ur daughter looks so lovely in that dress. i luv the family picture above too. i noticed u love to shop too, hahaha! pareho ta, shopaholic, lol. take care my dear. see ya around!

D said...

Hahaha we have 4 things in common from your list Dhemz!

1. I'm scared to drive in the freeway too! Until now, hanggang expressway lang ako.;)

2. I'm also a blog addict, although on and off yung pagbablog ko lately.

3. I'm a collector of stuff din, dati nagcocollect ako ng stamps, lately hindi na. And...

4. I love to shop din! hehehe Favorite stores ko dito sa US yung medyo mura, like Forever21, wetseal, charlotte russe, old navy although I shop at bebe, banana republic, baby phat, victoria secret and nordstrom sometimes. Napakahirap naman kasing humanap ng size ko dito oi!

Anyway, ikaw, ano favorite stores mo? Nagcocollect ka talaga ng shot glasses? Really? Hehe That's the first time I've heard of it. What do you do with it?

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Pati ikaw, na virus din yung computer mo? Pareho pala kayo ni Shy. Sa amin ordinaryo na lang yung virus infestation dahil sa kada download nang mga anak ko nang free online games, ngeeeek, lol. Hindi ko mapagbawalan yung bunso kong lalaki na sobrang hilig mag download nang on line games. Buti na lang yung second eldest son ko eh nakakaintindi sa computer at narereformat niya yung pc namin at natatanggal yung mga virus na kumapit sa mga file namin. Yung blog din ni Manang Kim ay parang me virus din, kasi tuwing dadalaw ako sa site niya ay nagka crash yung mozilla firefox browser namin at nagko close yung computer. Hindi tuloy ako makapag comment sa kanya. Ang bait naman nang kaibigan mong si Clang sa Japan at pinadalhan kayo nang goodies. Sukat na sukat kay Akesha yung padala niyang clothing. Aba, lumalaki na ang dalaga mo. Parang malaking bulas ah, lol. Me nalaman din ako tungkol sa iyo sa mga sagot mo sa tag. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Rechie said...

the pink dress looks so good on pretty Akesha....she's a big girl na jud...hapit najud ka naay dalaga sis....

Anonymous said...

Ah ha ... the young one likes to pose for the camera!

Nice listen ... collecting shot glasses is one thing, emptying them is another. :)

Glad you enjoyed the hand snapper. Monday's I try to do something unique ... so check the Monday entertainment category on the sidebar on your next visit.

Have a good week.

MinnieRunner said...

Wow, that's a whole bunch of things to thank for. What virus hit your lappy sis? 'Yung kay angel ko meron din, finactory restore na namin.

Of course sis, you are BEAUTIFUL!

eden said...

Wow, what a surprise from Mommy Clang. She is really a sweet and thoughtful friend. yep, I saw that tiny hand too..hehehe..she is just being excited ..hehhe.. Ganda ng dress. bagay na bagay kay Akesha. She is so cute.

Gene said...

Tourist shirt are addicting too! I tried collecting them since I am not much of a traveler these past years. Too bad there are no shirts available for Una. It would have been great having the three of us with matching shirts.

CaptainRunner said...

Indeed, there are a lot of things to thank about.

Cookie said...

wow, very nice presents. You are totally loved dhemz! kadaghan ba diay nimo followers noh? hehe

Akesha is very tall already and still very pretty, too!

Clarissa said...

sshhhh!!you don't have to post them here,Mommy Dhemz but thanks ^_^Thank you for being one of a kind!natatawa ako kay Akesha,kuha talaga yung kamay nya eh lol!!\(^0^)/