Friday, February 19, 2010

The Craft of Close-Up Photography

Since I love photography, I wanted to share with you this cool article from this website title, “Playing with light when taking a photo outside your home”. The article is discussing some techniques with lighting when taking pictures. Your camera’s auto-exposure feature is basically an educated guess based on statistics. The article goes on to say that the DSLR gives you instant results that film cameras lack. You can use it to examine the results and add or subtract the exposure settings to shift the way the image is recorded. If you love photography, you should read this article. There is another article about photography that you might be interested in as well called, “Learning the Craft of Closeup Photography”. This article can give you information on learning the techniques that increases our ability to get quality close-ups. The first rule, of course, is to make sure your camera is as steady as possible. Another thing you should do is to adjust the way light enters the scene which you should control. You also need to look for subjects in a defined space like a yard or meadow because this will improve your ability to see picture possibilities. If you love photography as much as I do, you should read these articles to get some good information.

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