Monday, November 2, 2009

Global Telecommunication Provider

Have you heard of Telstra? Telstra is the leading telecommunications and information services for domestic and business customers in Australia. To learn more about this corporation, you should checkout the business spectator blog. This blog tells how Telstra offers a range of data and internet services that includes internet provider Telstra BigPond and directory and search company Sensis.

This blog explains how Telstra Corporation is a global telecommunication provider. They have many other articles concerning Telstra that you might be interested in as well. For example, you can learn about Telstra Corporation and how they might have a financial cash flow of $6 billion with a low single digit growth in revenue. You can also learn how Sensis and Telstra Media remain core assets and are performing well. Another article talks about how the federal government is trying to hurry along its plan to break up Telstra and roll out a national broadband network (NBN).

This company is based in Melbourne, but was previously owned by the federal government. So if you are interested in some great business articles concerning the Telstra Corporation, you are going to need to visit this blog.

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