Friday, October 2, 2009

Spooky Fruit Halloween Centerpiece

Halloween is around the corner and we still have not gotten a costume for Akesha. I did not even bother pulling all my Halloween decors in the garage yet. How about you? I see some people in our neighborhood setting up their Halloween decors already. Isn't that spooky?! If you are looking for Halloween centerpiece, here's a bargain for you!

Materials and Tools:

assorted faux fruit and vegetables
decorative bowl
white craft paint
black spray paint
small detail paintbrush


1. Spray paint the fruit and vegetables black and allow to thoroughly dry. This may take a few coats to get the fake produce truly black.

2. Paint scary faces onto the fruit and vegetables with paintbrush and white craft paint. Once dry, display spooky fruit and vegetables in bowl, either mixed in with the real stuff or by itself.


shydub said...

Kamisd tsang wala pmo kapalit costume ning among mga dinos oi. perti mn gd tugnawa dri kapoy lakaw nya super busy na sd sa workakong amo.

Musta nman imu akesha and you there tsang, mingaw m ato panangkong dri oi walay opps maayo pa tulog ta ani.

hala goodluck sa shopping of halloween costume nyora, kisses to akesha.

Hitesh Rawat said...

you know how to make this.....??cool....

Halloween is one fest there....which always amazes dressing in the scary costumes....must be fun....\,,,/