Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to Hide Cables

Most people have miles of cables and cords running from the monitor to the computer tower or multiple wires that go from the back of the TV to the movie player or surround sound. We had the same problem before. The good thing is I found a great simple ways of organizing your cables, cords, and wires to look more attractive.
To hide cables you can either find some tubing at a local hardware store or computer accessory shop that will be able to hold a large or small bundle of cords. You will want to make sure to have a tube that is both flexible and easy to slide on and off the cables. Some stores sell a plastic tube that flexes to fit the shape of the cables and has a slit along the side so you can slip the cables in and out of the tubing.

If you are trying to hide long television cables or Internet cable in your home or apartment then look at the start from the cable extension and slide the cable line up against the wall in between the carpet and the wall trim. If your carpet is very flat or you don’t have carpet at all you can always tape the cable against the base of the wall to prevent anyone from tripping on the long cables.

To hide cables in an office setting or in your living room you can always paint or color the cables and lines to match the surrounding area. You could use a black permanent Sharpie marker or some form of eco-friendly paint product that will mask the color to match the nearby environment.

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