Saturday, October 17, 2009

Colorado Balloon Boy

I am very fond of watching "Wife Swap". On one of the episodes I don't forget is the "Storm Chasers Family" of Colorado. I think the husband is like a lunatic and aggressive person. He is not a good example to his 3 kids and he treats his wife like a slave. Anyhow, while hubby and I watch the news earlier we saw this shocking news about their son, Falcon.
FORT COLLINS, Colorado - As the silvery UFO-shaped balloon sailed over the high plains and a national television audience watched transfixed Thursday, the Colorado Army National Guard scrambled combat helicopters for a possible rescue of the 6-year-old boy reportedly inside.

Flights in and out of Denver International Airport were rerouted. On the ground, would-be rescuers with eyes skyward chased the craft along winding back roads. CNN upped its tape delay to 10 seconds, lest it broadcast a tragedy live. Some people offered prayers for the boy's safe return.

But when the balloon finally landed, Falcon Heene wasn't inside. And he hadn't fallen from the sky. He had been home, asleep.

The saga of Falcon began when a homemade helium-filled balloon accidentally went airborne and one of his older brothers reported that he thought the boy had crawled into the craft.


S-H-Y said...

ka interesting ani nyora oi :P..

shimumsy said...

now there's more of this story than just a balloon and a 6 year old. a lot are saying it's a hoax.