Thursday, July 30, 2009

Read Music

Are you a musician looking to improve your site reading? You might be interested in the step-by-step system to help you master the piano by sight reading. Many people feel like sight reading hiders their ability to play the piano. Mastering piano sight reading can be a very challenging task. To get valuable sight reading tips, you can enter your email information at

The best thing is that you can become a proficient piano sight reader. This website has designed a course that specializes specifically in piano sight reading practices. This course comes with a 45-minute DVD, and 1 CD ROM of computer exercises. This course can help you with your note recognition, harmonic intervals recognition, and melodic intervals recognition. This course also comes with a 177-page sheet music exercises. You can order directly from their website.

This course will give you the secrets you desire to read both treble clef and bass clef notes, count the rhythm of any piece accurately while sight reading a new piece, and will teach you the indispensable “mirror” concept. So what are you waiting for? If you want to improve or want to learn how to sight read, you need to visit and see how they can help.


Unknown said...

Well I want to learn piano tsang hehehee the problem is I donthave piano toink! I wanna learn guitar but guitar doesnt like me double toink toink!lol

Umma said...

Hello sistah... Im sure super cloud nine ka pa diha hasta karon kay naa na si banana sa tupad mo hahaha.. Time flies so fast jud no, its almost Friday na sad which means weekend is just around the corner hahaha..

Medyo busy na sad si lola this week kay mag canvass me ug furniture para sa akong next project hahaha..loko sad ni hinuon and HGTV.. na apektado ang mind nako to get a makeover hahaha..lagot ta ani kay banana sa budget.

BTW, sistah.. naa lang ko nimo i-remind ha, regarding sa pindot ninyo kay naa koy nabasa about click fraud sa adsense na matrace man diay na ni Mr G bec of the IP address, pag cge appear the same IP add sa adsense nimo.. medyo magduda diay na sila kay daghan na case ang ing-ana natabu so beware lang sistah kay basi forever black listed ang site mo from G.

Its a reminder from lola mo hahha..

Musta ka na diha sistah.. unsa man ang plans dis weekend.. cgurado bawi jud si banana ani sa inyo duha ni Akesha.. suroy suroy na sad mo.

aYU AYU diha.. mwah mwah