Friday, June 19, 2009

Win One of Five Blu Prizes!

Have you heard of BluFrog? This is a great new energy drink that you should try. I have tried it and loved it. The great news is that they are having a contest where you could win some great prizes. You could win a Xbox 360 Elite Gaming System with a Rock Band 2 bundle. Along with the Xbox, you would also get the World at War complete package and two cases of Blue Frog Energy. You could also win round trip air fare for two from Major Gateway Airport. This package would include a luxurious hotel for 3 nights, and a helicopter ride for 2 over New York. You can also win a round trip air fare for 2 to Lollapalooza along with a complimentary X-Shot & iPod loaded with great music. You might be able to win 2 Tickets for a Rookie Driving experience and 2 nights stay at a luxurious hotel. Here is how you can win. You can enter a comment on their contest page, user twitter to win, and write a blog post about their contest along with which prize you would choose if you won. You can register up to three times. The prize I would hope to win would be the Xbox because I love to play games. So what are you waiting for? You should visit their website to enter the contest now.


Lulu said...

pretty ng model!!! love and kisses to akesha

Cacai M. said...

That's a good and pretty model Madam sis! great!

Anyway, I have awards for you Madam sis, am not sure if you have it already but hope u will accept it-- it's yours and yours! heheh.. muahhh!

it's in here:

see yah..

misty said...

hahaha ang ganda ng model sis.. pwede na, dapat doblehin bayad sayo nito ng blu hehehe..

Unknown said...

Ka cute sa posing sa imung gwapng anank tsang hehehe, na puno ug adorno iya lawas, pastilan inahana kadaghan gipakwintas sa anak, adunahan kaayo imu anak tsang lol, ikusi ko bi hinaya lng ky molagum nya. hugs ang kisses to your sweet akesha.

nuts said...

shes realllly ssooooo prettyyyy!!!

Unknown said...

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