Thursday, June 18, 2009

Discover Your Signature Scent

Perfumes are as much a part of your fashion style as the accessories you choose. And like your fashion choices, the fragrance you choose says a lot about your personality. Designer fragrances are like designer handbags, with different styles for day and night, summer and winter. And your perfume can say a lot about your mood.
Although testing new perfumes first thing in the morning can sound a bit yuk, it's always best to try out perfumes when your skin is fresh and clean. Spray a small amount of perfume on the inside of your arm, where your skin is particularly fine, and wait a few moments before you smell it, to let the alcohol settle and the fragrance develop. Don't rub the perfume, as you can "bruise" the delicate ingredients.

Here are 6 perfume categories:
Floral - Flowers are the dominant theme and florals tend to be light and feminine. Wear a floral scent when you're feeling feminine and girly.
Fruity - Imbued with the aroma of fresh fruits. Wear a fruity aroma for a fresh, "just picked from the vine" day.
Greens - Fresh, energetic and light fragrances, with a natural smell. Wear green scents on great-to-be-alive days.
Oceanic - Smells reminiscent of the sea, fresh, natural and light. Oceanic fragrances work well on the weekends when you're out and about.
Woody - Deep, lusty perfume with the aroma of bark, leaves and all things woody. Wear woody scents when you're feeling sensual and exotic. Great hot-date perfume!
Oriental - Intense, sexy and rich with the opulent smells of spices, musk, vanilla and heavy flowers. Wear Orientals when you want to be remembered long afterwards.

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Unknown said...

Ganahan sd d i ka perfume tsang? maayo hinuon padala ko ni nimu isa nku dri nga wala pa gamit. You know na dugay mahurot ang perfume kung kuita ra nag gamit. Salamat sa visit ug comments, imbis mupahuway ka ky wala na bisita hehehe ni dalikyat jd ug laag sa ato mga ka tribu, pagka nice nimu tsang.

Ako nag drop rko kadali gahapon. tuplok ginagmay hehehe ky gi puypuy ako kalawasan ug kamut cge hawid aning mouse ug gukod sa akong gamay nga mouse sd hehehehe.