Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Nurse's Guide to Good Living

The Scrubs is a great website that gives you good information on living a better life. The nurse's guide has nutrition, weight loss and beauty information that can help you live a healthier life. They even have some great information on love. I looked at their Nursing poll concerning nursing and they asked a question, “What is your favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse?” There choices were Greg Focker, Carol Hathaway, Carla Espinoza, Cecilia Tallis and Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan. I voted for Greg Focker because he was funnier. He also destroyed the stereotype of male nurses. They also have a “Tip Jar” that contains tips from seasoned nurses. You can select a question, and will receive a detailed answer from a nurse. I selected the question, “How to Deal with an Angry Family Member” since I have one angry family members. The response said, “Some people use anger as a defense mechanism when they're scared, confused, or feel helpless.” They also recommend getting out of there if a family member becomes violent. I left a comment about one member of my family who has anger problems. Nobody wants to have anything to do with him anymore because he hates everybody. I agreed with their analysis that you should get out of there if the person becomes violent. There isn't any need for a person to get hurt because someone can't control themselves. This is a great website with some good information and you should checkout it out.

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Arlyna said...

Dhemz, thanks for sharing that site about nursing. I agree with you when dealing with violent people, you just have to leave them or not you will get hurt. I learned the hard way when I was working the very first time, a psych patient cornered me and tried to sandwich me between the wall and the door. As you know I'm still here :). Just dropping by because I'm back to the grind again tomorrow.

Btw, my man and I watched star trek and I really recommend it. We were fans of the old star trek through. See you around soon :)