Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Nurse's Guide to Good Living

Are you a nurse, or thinking of becoming a nurse? You should checkout the Scrubs website because they contain some great information for nurses. Even if you aren't a nurse, you would enjoy visiting this site and reading “The Nurse's Guide to Good Living”. This site is very powerful and uplifting for any reader. They have great articles for every reader such as “My Path to Nursing”, “Male Nurse Myths” and “How Could I Have Lung Cancer”. They also have an interesting article about Farrah and her debacle. It talks about how many celebrities pass through Dr. Brady Pregerson's door and how the employees keep their mouth shut because they don't want what happened to Farrah to occur again. If you are a student nurse, you should read these articles to give you a deeper understanding of your career, and even if you are a seasoned nurse, you still want to keep your mind fresh with what is happening in the nursing field. You would definitely enjoy reading some of the nurses stories and the comments associated with them. One thing I learned from this site is the 8 sleep tips for evening nurses. I am not a nurse, but I could use sleep advice myself. They suggest eating the day's final meal as soon as possible on arrival home after your shift. You should start winding down as soon as possible, and you should go to bed one to two hours after you eat (3 a.m.). This is some great advice for people who work nights. So if you want to read some great articles from nurses, you need to visit this site.

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