Thursday, April 16, 2009

Share Your Jewelry Stories and Eenter for a Chance to Win a Diamond Necklace

Most people love jewelry especially women. I am fond of purchasing jewelry either in stores or online. Are you a jewelry lover? One of the most meaningful jewelries I have ever gotten is the necklace that my husband gave me as a birthday present. I also like the pendant because it has a gold plated heart shape locket on it. I have been wearing this necklace for over 2 years now. I also reward myself with purchasing some beautiful jewelry. I enjoy shopping for jewelry online because of its convenience. You can find great deals and big promotions. I just found a new place that you might want to visit before purchasing a jewelry and it is called the “Jewelry Information Center”or JIC. The Jewelry Information Center provides consumers with information about fine jewelry, savvy shopping tips, care and cleaning information, jewelry history, and fashion trends. One of the things that caught my attention from this website is the Jewelry Stories section, where consumers share their stories about their meaningful jewelry. How would you like to share your Jewelry Stories and enter for a chance to win a diamond necklace? So what are you waiting for? You should visit them today for more details.

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