Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Improve Your Google Mapping Experience

Are you looking for a way to improve your mapping experience? Click2Maps was created to improve your Google Mapping experience. Click2Map will allow you to customize your markers, password-protect your maps, customize your personal database, do some importing and exporting, and will allow you to create marker templates. They have also released a new feature that will allow you to customize your look and feel of all the Google Maps you create. You can customize your header, footer, fonts and even your sidebar. Click2Maps believes that people should be able to customize their maps the same way that someone might want to customize their blog. If you are a business and you use Google Maps a lot, then you are going to want the ability to customize your maps. They have four different versions available to satisfy your needs. You can go to signup page and get the Bronze Plan for free which gives you up to 1 map and 50 markers. The Silver Plan is $90 a year with 2 months free. This plan gives you 5 maps and 250 markers. They also have Gold and Platinum plan which gives you even more options. So what are you waiting for? You should visit Click2Map so you could start creating your maps today.


pet said...

hmmm, parang PPP na naman to ah, hello demcyapdiandias..kamusta ka naman dyan?

tsang said...

biliba jd naku nmu modala ug atang gwafs oi, kuha mn ka tanan. mao d i wala bilin nku ky tua d i nmu hehehehe, katanga rmn sd gd ko dri waaaa. nice post girl.