Monday, April 20, 2009

How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Akesha was playing outside yesterday, and when I checked on her legs I saw a lot of mosquito bites. I forgot to apply OFF on her, so I am wondering how to get rid off the mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are pests that can spread disease and itchy discomfort. Getting rid of them in a small area is easier than you might think; here are some pointers to assist your battle against them.
  1. For personal mosquito repelling:
  2. Do not use chemical based repellents. University studies are coming out daily proving that many of these "safe" repellents cause cancer, tumors and more. Go with all natural.
  3. Catnip oil is 10 times more effective than DEET and completely safe on humans. Buy catnip oil and make a spray or purchase a repellents with catnip oil as an ingredient.
  4. Be active to escape the mosquitoes. If you are outside and these mosquitoes won't stop annoying you, run or make something that makes you sweat. Believe it or not, mosquitoes are much less likely to come near you if you are sweating.
  5. Apply Bounce sheets to your legs and arms.
  6. Burn a citronella candle or torch. The smoke in the air will help keep away bugs. Citronella devices like torches or incense, work best in an enclosed area where the smell does not blow away.

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