Friday, April 17, 2009

Help Save Lives!! Enroll today and get a free Baby Bjorn

Here's one of the Testimonials:
"My children are the most precious gifts that I will ever have and I want to do everything I can to make sure they are well. While I was pregnant with my first child, I would see articles and ads about cord blood and it bothered me that it was so expensive but what if I one day needed this blood. The reality of having only one chance or it really went in the garbage kept me wondering if I would regret not investing. What if he had cancer or his dad or I were sick, would that blood have been the cure? Through research, I came across Cryo-Cell International, Inc., a company with the most reasonable rates and the assurance of two holding facilities.
When I was pregnant with my second child, we wondered if one bank was enough? Finances were tighter and should we spend the money? Then we realized that his brothers blood might not match for the new baby. The next day, stories were breaking about how Cord blood had saved or changed the lives of children, one cancer, one cerebral palsy. Then we discovered that a friend was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma. He didn't bank his daughters blood and wished he had. Three years prior, I lost a friend to renal cancer when she was 29. We felt like it was our answer.
We are just beginning to see miracles that this blood can bring. We have two "life insurance policies", that is how we look at it. If anyone in the family gets ill, there is a chance that the blood could save our lives. If we don't use it, then it is there for our son's children."
mother of Parker and Davis
Cryo-Cell International Client


Anonymous said...

wow glad nman at hayan tingnan mo nga at ang danda danda eh naku c nicole din napaaga din lumabas 3 weeks to go pa pra sa due date nya saka nagtaka ako kung bakit nakakain ng dumi ewan ko akala ko maiwan xa ng 1 week dun naku pero buti nalang pwede na xa uwi pero everyday kami balik sa hospital for antibiotic nya injection may heplac xa nakakabit para dun nila padaan yung inject nila halos pareho pla cla ni nicole masyado nagmamadali lumabas he he pero hayan cla makulit kaya minsan may palo c nicole pag pinakita ko yung slipper ko na goma kunwari flying kiss na yan sa akin tapos ngiting nang iinis pa ngiti nya pero thank god she's healthy xa at di nagkakasakit ni minsan.

Lulu said...

mommy dhemz unsa man blood type ni Akesha? Andrea is AB.