Monday, April 20, 2009

3 Year Old Development: Social Skills

"When your child turns 3, something miraculous happens. He becomes the offspring you've always dreamed about. Because his body is more cooperative and capable, he exudes confidence and generally feels more at ease. Occasionally, he may have setbacks, but for the most part, 3-year-olds are friendly, talkative and downright helpful. Oh, and yes, they want to see and do everything." And this is what my 3 year old is doing right now, as far as I have noticed.

At this stage your child will begin to interact more directly with her peers. Her play will often take the form of group fantasy. She may begin to act out elaborate scenes, using both imaginary and household objects as props.

At 3, she is far less selfish than she was in the previous year. Skirmishes between playmates occur with less frequency. As her ability to empathize grows, you'll notice her engaging in more cooperative play. In small group settings, she can be expected to share toys and take turns. During the first half of this year, however, you will probably still need to prompt her into this type of teamwork.

Should an altercation occur between playmates, your child may sometimes -- but by no means always -- work out a solution without adult intervention.

Your child may begin to identify with her own gender. When playing house, for example, girls tend to adopt the role of Mom, and boys assume the part of Dad. Despite growing gender awareness, boys and girls this age still play well together.


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