Monday, March 2, 2009

Thanks Mommy Niks & Maria!

This is what I look like when there are tons of opportunities...hhehehe!

I owe a lot of tags these I am keeping up to get it done. This tagged is from Mommy Niks...thanks a lot ganda for including me. That was very nice and thoughtful of you. I would like to thank Maria also for tagging me. Thanks again ladies!

The Rules:

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tell 7 unspectacular quirks on yours.
4. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
5.Link the person who tagged you.
6.Leave a comment for each blogger.

7 facts about me:
1. I think before I speak.
2. I am very picky.
3. I got scars on my right leg...this is my remembrance from our motorcycle....I was eager to learn..but then I fell.....hehhehe!
4. I love to play scrabble.
5. I was a cashier from my parents business....and took some money....glad their not mad....hehhe!
6. I wear glasses since I was high school....but I don't wear them often.
7. I love pets. I have a dog, fishes...and planning to purchase a hamster by the end of the month.

7 unspectacular quirks:
1. I get nervous when I see cops while I'm driving...hehhe...I am not guilty!
2. I hate American breakfast....maybe because I am not American....duh I prefer rice for breakfast.
3. I get freak out when hubby did he breaks or damage a thing....hehhehe!
4. I love pinching hubby's titties...hehhee...hush! And sniff he's underarm.
5. I cry when I express my anger.
6. I get nervous when somebody's coming over...and wanted to clean the house right away.
7. I like to buy everything I want....hahha....too bad I don't have money!

Just feel free to grab this tag guys...rules are made to be broken....hehhehe!


Chubskulit Rose said...

dangz, nabubuang ako dire sa mga answers nimo lol... i used to smell hubby's armpits when i'm pregnant..

love playing scrabble too..

love the pics, especially pag alang opps lol...

Anonymous said...

bantay salakay ka pala dangz hahaha.. just kidding..

Ritchelle said...

guapaha man ug naay opps sa?

Kim, USA said...

wow animal lover ka pala dhemz and ang ganda mo pag may opps hehe. -wink-

me said...

Ganda naman ng friend ko oy..hinoon wala koy amiga na pangit..hehehe..mamili jud ko day..hahaha..mura baya kog gwapa noh..

Musta ang life diha day??sorry wala kaayo ko ka visit this past few days ha..busy na pod imong lola oi..

Anonymous said...

hala ka nangupit ka pla haha pasaway bantay salakay pla cute pa din kahit stress wala opp

niko said...

wow!!! ur so ganda naman sa picture na to girl!!! kaloka ang beauty mo!! hahaha

oi just like you i soooo love pets.. dogs, birds and fishes lang for me happy na ko!! :)

thakns for posting the tag ha, its nice to know more about u!!

oh well i gave u another award!!

Clarissa said...

Heto pala ang beauty ni Mommy Dhemz pag may opps!!\(^0^)/
Pareho yata tayong may scar sa right leg-- na out of balance ako sa sobrang short ng legs ko!lol!

Ang dami ko yatang na-miss na post dito!!

Her Glitter Life said...

Did you know that i love hamster too. But i don't have one. I just wanted to hold it. They're cute.

Armpit? hahaha! How does it smell? Does it smell good? Weeeeeee! lol. You are funny girl.

Me too, I feel nervous when i saw the cops when I am driving. But not anymore. They should scared at me. hahahahah! palagpat! pamati no!

I love your beauty here girl. You should always take good care of yourself. Even though naa lang ta sa balay.

I also know how to drive scooter. It's small and it's easy to drive than motorcycles. Hindi ko kaya ang bigat.