Friday, March 20, 2009

Startups and Progressive Governance

Are you looking to get information about startups? You should visit this website that contains some good articles and information concerning startups. One of the articles is called, “Startups, Progressive Governance and How to Apply the Gas and Brakes During Growth”. It is about how executives around Silicon Valley who spend a lot of time debating over the governance around their startups. The blog contains a lot of good information about technology, news, management, startups, and even some culture. Under culture they have an article titled, “DotNext Inc, Happy Second Birthday!” It is about the birthday of DotNext which has been dedicated to entrepreneurships and innovations. They have only been around for 2 years. You can read some of the featured articles and add your comments as well. Ben Behrouzi has a lot of experience with managing and building startups. He is an aggressive entrepreneur and has a solid track record. He has operating many internet companies that include, and many others. So if you are looking to educate yourself on startups, you might need to visit Ben Behrouzi’s website and read some of his interesting articles. You might want to leave a comment or two as well.

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