Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Boating and Alcohol Don't Mix

Are you one of those people who enjoys a good time boating? Many people don't realize that it is still illegal to drink while driving a boat. Operating a boat while impaired is just as dangerous as driving a car while impaired. You can get a OUI (Operating Under the Influence) if you drive a boat with a .08 blood alcohol limit. You can get arrested, your insurance will go up, and you can be slapped with large fines just as if you received a DUI. Driving a boat while under the influence is a Class One misdemeanor just as if you received a DUI while driving a car. In Arizona, the boat patrols are setting up OUI checkpoints to catch drivers driving under the influence. The purpose of these checkpoints are to save lives on the water. You have to remember that Boating and Alcohol Don't Mix. Some people wouldn't drink and drive, but they might think it is okay to drive a boat and drink. If you want more information on driving a boat safely, you should checkout the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Their website has a lot of good information on safety. You can also register for a boating education classes.


anne said...

it sounds like dont drink and drive.... hehehe kabalo lang ko moinum dili ko kabalo mo drive wahhhh

Clarissa said...

hahahahaa!!same here!!\(^0^)/

candlemamma said...

Great video. I like the way the guy says noooo.. and then looks at the police boats. hah hah :)