Monday, February 16, 2009

Life is Grand....According to Akesha

Akesha got tagged by Yeung Lei from "Spices of Life" and Harley of "Mommy Gossips". These cute kiddos have their own cute personalities. Their gorgeous Mommies are wonderful blogger friend of my Mama.

The simple rule is:List 5 reasons why I think that Life is Grand and then pass it on to 5 people.

Life is grand because....I am the first granddaughter of the Apdian Family, and the number 32nd grandchild of the Dias Family.

Life is grand because.... Papa and Mama are always there to love and provide my needs.

Life is grand because.....Papa and Mama bring me anywhere they go.

Life is grand because.....I can easily convince my Papa to play with me, no matter what he's doing.

Life is grand because....I have the stuff that some unfortunate kids don't have.
It is my turn to tag: Rye/EJ, Jacob, Nikky, Angela, & Chloe


Clarissa said...

Akesha is lucky to have the best Mom and the best Dad in the whole wide world!!\(^0^)/ that is why life is grand to her.^_^

Ciela said...

Akesha's life is grand because she was born to a loving and beautiful mom such as hers.

Take care always..

eden said...

akesha's life is grand because she is blessed with loving parents who love and care her very much.

have a nice day dhemz.

Anonymous said...

wow 32nd! thanks tita dhemz have a good night

Umma said...

Wow!! super naman ni Akesha sistah.. of course Akesha's life is grand bec she is a dotting daughter of a loving Mama and a ever sweet Daddy.

Kasuerta sad sang mga bata subong di ba? 32th ba si Akesha mo sistah? Super daghan diay ang family clan ni banana mo which is good para daghan playmates si Akesha pag naay reunion.

Wala diay trabajo si banana sg Monday kay holiday man.. si banana nako naay work sila sistah.

Sus! intawon puerte jud nimo ka pisan sistah oi! Lagi na lang liempio ug garage kag bahay ana. Cguro mu adto me dira sa inyo super tidy jud ang mansion nyo diha no?

Kapisan sad ni banana kay apil man jud sia nimo general cleaning hahaha..kalami ang ganyang banana. Im sure guikapoy na sad ang beauty nimo karon no? Sakit ba ang likod mo sistah?

Pareho man cguro ta batyag subong sakit likod.. hahaha.. Ay oo sistah si YL nako na super likot ang kamot.. kaloka man sad ning bataa oi! thats why.. guina practice namo every night mag walk para mag bakod tuhod nya.

Oi! kanina lang after all the practice walking and the laughters we did... gui painom nako ug milk para matog na.. sistah.. guisuka man tanan na guikaon nya.. waahh.. ang bed namo stinks.. dali dali sad me changed the bed sheet kag labhan dayon otherwise it will stinks in there the whole night..

Wawa naman si YL cguro, na over stimulated ang anak ko sa sobrang excited or maybe he wasnt feeling well, I mean ang stomach nya? Naka encounter ka ana sistah with Akesha before?

BTW, thanks sa email mo ha? But I cannot see any image that u sent sistah.. only your message.. I wonder na unsa man ang computer nako? But sa imoha pc kita ang image ba?
Paki resend mo sistah.. let me try it again..

O cge ha? Matog na me.. overtime lang me subong blog hop kay tulog na ang little rascal nako.. Buntag ano na sad ang antic nya hahaha..
Nyt nyt sistah..

Chubskulit Rose said...

chalamat po sa tag manag, i'll do it latehh..

You deserve to be awarded as a Mom, so please grab this best MOM award

Cecile said...

Dhemz, thanks for including Jacob here :-), I am excited to do it for him, salamat uli dear :-)

I saw Amy's new layout, I love it, it is so cute!

Good job Dhemz :-), when are you going to do mine :-)?, tell me when you are not busy ha, so you can do our family blog :-)

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello dhangz, musta naman ang beauty nimo diha oi. outdated na kaayo ko sa chika nato hehehe.

Si Akesha dako na jud noh? I wish she will grow a humble, courteous and respectful person.

Cookie said...

I really like the picture where Akesha ride on her daddy's back. Cute of her to do that :D

Mommy Liz said...

Number 32 grandchild of Dias? Wow! daming apo ah...Nagkakasama sama ba silang lahat? hehehe, ang gulo siguro. Cute naman ng pose ng anak mo, parang pang post card...

Her Glitter Life said...

Naa ko dinhi nagabasa. I love the pictures you put. Asked ko lang in the 2nd picture. Is that The salt lake temple? One of my dream is to visit that place.