Sunday, February 1, 2009

I Have Been Selected To Try And Keep A Product

Are you familiar with If you do. Have you ever got an email from them that it looks like this? wrote:
You Have Been Selected To Try And Keep A Product - January 2009
Waxing Made Simple
We have a product testing opportunity for you. As we are convinced we will be overwhelmed with this opportunity it is going to be based upon the first one hundred addresses we receive.

The product to be tested is a revolutionary waxing product and is only available to those of female persuasion living in the USA.
The rules are simple, you will receive the product with instructions in the post. The company sending the product would love you to follow the instructions and write a blog post.
We do not require negative or positive, just a thoughtful and truthful review and a link to the company sending the product.

This review opportunity will be sent to the first 100 that send Sylvie their postal address, do not worry if you miss out this week, this testing will roll over from week to week.
As ever, your details will not be shared with anyone apart from the company sending the product to you and they have signed a disclosure not to keep your information on record at all."

Anyhow I was excited to received the package yesterday, and I can't wait to try it. This is great! You should join too, so you can try some of the advertiser's products. Good luck!

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