Friday, February 13, 2009

I am Coming!

Wheeww! I had a bad night last night. You wonder why? hehhehe....I wasn't able to bloghop! Oh my goodness gracious! I suppose to bloghop last night but then I got disconnected from our Internet server. We tried to reboot the computer and unplug the outlet, but nothing happened. So I gave up and went to bed early...hehhehe! The weather here is not good at all. We experienced heavy rain and thunderstorms last night. I know...I know...I owe you people....don't worry I am coming right now! See yah...:)


Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

Hello dhangz! musta man ang beauty, maayo na jud ang computer nimo diha? naka blog hop naman ka... hehehe

eden said...

hello dhemz, balik na gyud ang connection. mingaw pag wala ang connection sa! anyways, happy valentines day!

Cecile said...

dhemz, didto mi sa tgif ugma :-) lunch or dinner nto sure pa, i am sure it will be lunch sine sa dinnertime daghan tawo sa resto :-)

kamo asa man?

happy hearts day na diay hehehe

anne said...

Hi dhems happy valentines day to you dear.