Friday, February 6, 2009

How to Keep Warm During Winter

Having trouble keeping warm during winter time? It is winter time here in the US, and the weather here in California is a little bit chilly. I am glad that it doesn't snow here compare to some other states. Have you ever notice that your electric bill went up a lot because of the winter season? How often do you turn the heater on? During the day time I don't turn the heater nor the fireplace, what I do is I use the portable heater just to warm us up in the living room. There are many ways to keep yourself warm during winter.
1. Shut windows and use light.
Wear warm clothes.
Give yourself a blanket treatment.
4. Exercise.
Have warm food and drinks.
Stay in one place.
7. Go to Indoor Parties.
Take hot baths.
Patch Up The Drafts.
10. Sit by a fire


eden said...

very informative post, dhemz.. thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

you only gave 10, so i will add 1 more advice...hug your hubby all the time and put your hands to his underarm...hehehe,

Bitaw Dhemz, wala man ko kasab-i kay ako man nagpalit sa karne pero tanan muingon nga "sayang", hehe kaon giahpon maski pait, ug itom pa jud hahaha, mao ni resulta sa addict...

oi, gi add ta ka diri sa ako Home and Family...add ta pod ka didto sa iTravel nako....

praktis daw ko ana imo scented candle be kay kapoy kaayo sigi palit