Saturday, February 7, 2009

Homemade Scented Candles

How many of you here love candles? A trip to the store will quickly tell you that scented candles are expensive. Making homemade scented candles will not only save you money, it will also allow you to make the candles in your favorite scents. Do you know that most of the materials you will need can be found in your kitchen? Yep. So if you would like to make a homemade candle here's how. Enjoy!

Step 1
Set up your molds on an old baking sheet. This will protect your countertops from accidental spills of way. Molds do not need to be store bought; you can use any plastic or cardboard containers. Think of using yogurt or pudding cups and paper towel or toilet paper cardboard rolls.


Wrap one end of a wick around a toothpick or chopstick depending on the size of your mold. Cut the other end of the wick to the depth of the mold. Attach a metal wick holder to the bottom of the wick, if desired. Center the wick assembly over the mold.


Add several inches of water to the lower pot of the double boiler. Add one pound of paraffin way to the top pot and warm until melted over medium heat. Stir occasionally with the wooden spoon.


Add approximately ten drops of your choice of essential oil to the melted way. Stir the wax mixture to spread the scent thoroughly.


Slowly pour the wax mixture into the prepared molds. They will begin to set up rapidly as the wax begins to cool. Allow the candles to harden in the molds for at least 24 hours before removing from the molds.


Let the candles cure for at least one week before burning.


Umma said...

Love ko baya ni mag learn ug candle making...but wa pa me time.. cguro madali lang no? I hv a friend who is selling a scented candle before and they opened a store for it.. masaya.!!

Ay naku sistah.. cge jud diri ulan sad since kahapon pa..The news said that it will rain till Sunday daw. At least di medyo mainit pag naay ulan di ba? OMG! para man jud summer diri na oi! how about there sa inyo?

BTW, I have noted your YM message about your birthdate.. Thanks sistah ha? Already put that on my phone.

Oi! check mo sa baby site ko bec Mareng Liz sent me a dish.. sarap jud oi! ginanahan sad ko ug kaon + the rice hahahah.. Bahala na sad ang diet diet.. ugma na lang hahaha.

Ay oo.. weekend na sad...birthday party na sad sa hubby side ko.. daghan man jud party ani oi! Di ra ba ko ganahan kay daghan na sad makaon ta ani.. hahaha its my SIL's birthday so kainan na naman..

As usual ang weekend, didto na sad sa MIL's place. Kapoy na naman ang beauty ko ani kay cge lagas kay YL na sad.. kasi daming cousins didto pag weekend.. so he enjoys playing with them. Ako naman murag yaya sunod ng sunod.. sakit likod ko hahaha.

Ikaw sistah.. stay at home na sad ang beauty nato this weekend no? Di ba si banana may duty? OK lang yan, para hidlawon sad ka sa iyaha hahaha..

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

wow...this is great. I love scented candles. My favorite is cinnamon. what's your favorite scent?

eden said...

i love scented candles too and right now i am enjoying the lavender scent with a cup of coffee

happy weekend.

Dean and Lee Schroeder said...

I wanna learn how to make scented candles Dhemz, I love the smell plus it gives ambiance to the house. It is good for decorations too. I love the smell of it

candlemamma said...

Hi, my good friend! I hope you don't mind.I featured this post on my blog. I love this post. This is a really nice and easy way to make your own candles. If you would like me to take this feature off please tell me. I would like to keep it there for a while! It is on the side bar Titled, "Make Candles the Easy Way-Thanks to a good Friend!" I look forward to hearing from you!

candlemamma said...

The title was too long so I changed it on my blog to, "Make Candles the Easy Way"
You are a wonderful friend. This is a nice way to teach your friends how to make candles. You are very thoughtful!