Friday, January 9, 2009

Reforming Health Care with Electronic Billing

Are you interested in health care reform? There is a new press release from the San Francisco Business Times about reforming health care with electronic billing. The President of Netalytics says that their clients wants a single solution to meet all their needs and that includes electronic medical billing to insurance companies. Netalytics is the maker of advanced Clinic Automation systems designed for addicts and drug treatment facilities. They have partnered with MPMsoft's solution which gives their clients the cutting edge products that is superior to their competitors. The reason why makers of electronic medical records are starting to develop software to meet the needs of the medical institutions is because they believe that Obama will get his health care reform initiatives past and with that initiative they will need electronic billing. This is just one step towards health care reform, and hopefully there will be many more positive things coming towards improving health care. So if you are interested in health care reform, and you want to keep up to date with the current information, then you need to checkout the San Francisco Business Times article. They are keeping up with the news reports concerning changes coming in our health care system.

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