Sunday, January 18, 2009


Have you ever heard of Holodomor? The website is dedicated to providing unbiased truth concerning the facts surrounding the Golodomor in the Soviet Union. Golodomor means the mass hunger and this information is about the Soviet famine that took place in 1932-1933. This famine affected most major grain-producing agricultural areas and included Caucasus, Volga Region, South Urals, West Siberia, Kazakhstan and the Ukraine. People have asked the question, “Was this genocide”, but most European scholars and politicians have agree that this was not genocide, but an ineffective economic policy of the Communist governments. The approval rating of Viktor Yuschenko, who assumed power over Ukraine in 2004, has dropped below 10%. He decided to unite the Ukrainian nation against the common enemy-Soviet Union by politicizing the issue of Golodomor. He wants to attract as much of the world's attention as possible. There is a lot to be said about this famine, and if you are interested in reading the truth about this famine, you should checkout They are trying to portray the truth about this event in an unbiased way. It is important to understand your history and to see both sides of the issues, and this article attempt to bring the issue to light.

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