Thursday, December 18, 2008

Siopao Everyone?!

Have you ever heard of "Siopao"? I am sure my fellow kababayan knows what I am talking about. I have been wanting to eat this long time ago. So when we went to the Filipino store I bought some of these. So for those of you who don't know about what siopao is, here's the info.

Siopao is the Filipino version of the Chinese baozi (steamed buns). It is also called salapao in Thailand.

It is a popular food item in the >Philippines. It does not require utensils to eat and can be consumed on-the-go. Like baozi, there are several siopao stuffing varieties which could be either Asado or Bola-bola that may be using pork, chicken, beef, shrimp, eggs, and possibly chopped scallions and water chestnuts as well.

Outside of the Philippines, many Filipino restaurants offer variants of siopao with local ingredients ranging from Spam and canned pineapple in Hawaii, to haute cuisine concoctions involving foie gras and truffles.


Umma said...

Mukhang filipino theme tayo today ah?
I love the siopao of Chowkings too

Chubskulit Rose said...

wahhhhhhh am starving now, puro food dito hehehe.. buti naman at pinalitan mo na si shebuntis hehehe..

AnnaRhea said...

penge naman

Anonymous said...

wow sarap ako din siopao sa chowking tita ko gumagawa nyan kaso malayo cla kung malamit magpapaturo ako magluto hehe

amiable amy said...

sarap nito, was looking for this in chinese store here but can't find one so far...hanap pa uli

Maus said...

sarap nito demz yung asawa ng pinay dito marunong gumawa ng local siopao masarap naman..

Kev said...

In Malaysia, this is a Chinese favourite. It's generally called "pao", and it has its variants:

- Daipao: big pao (about 3 inches across) with pork and egg

- Jiyok pao: smaller pao with pork

- Char Siu pao: pao with minced BBQ-ed pork

- Siu pao: baked pao with pork

- Dao Sa pao: red bean pao

heheeh....hungry? :)

Anonymous said...

hemm nyam nyam nyam

krykie said...

ate wahee'
just ate siopao this lunch ahe'!

yung sa chowking na luriat.


ube at mongo yung nasa loob.

kuLet :DD

Malou said...

oiii sarap ng siopao...haaaayyyy miss ko na rin yan. We have a chinese store close to our place and whenever we go there I always make sure to buy some.

Unknown said...

lamia sa siopao oi, gutom ko dah!

Cecile said...

yummy siopao :-)

i used to make it back in texas, but ngayon tinamad na ako, masyado kasi ma trabaho eh :-)

zuiyanhong said...

For your information this food in Chinese is "bao" not "pao". So, you are correct.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Sure! I'd love to have some siopao! One time I decided to make some but it didn't turned out quiet like that! hehehe.. but still it was oh so good! :)

Anonymous said...

looks so yummy, i miss filipino food. i like siopao asado in orange brutus.