Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Kids!

Do you have pet at home? We do! When I got here in America from the Philippines, hubby bought me a pet. His name is BUDDY. He was 4 years old when we got him. He's half chow and half collie. Before we have Akesha...Buddy is our kid. He come with us where ever we go.He even go with us when we brought Akesha home from the hospital. He's been a big brother to Akesha, over protective and playful to her.
Anyhow, Akesha and I took Buddy a shower yesterday. Akesha is fond of washing and brushing Buddy, she loves to put shampoo on him! I thought these photos are sweet! Every time Buddy moves she will say " No Buddy no!".


Maus said...

swerte naman nang aso haha
at ang prinsesa mo pa taga blower nya sosyal..

Anonymous said...

your pet very big hehe...akhesa like Buddy??

Cecile said...

oh, so sweet naman :-)

good job akhesa!