Friday, December 19, 2008

High School Days Tag

I got this tag from my sistah Rose! This tag requires posting photos during my high school days. I am in luck because I have some of my high pictures with me. So here you go guys.

At 4th year high school

During our graduation
Shangrila, Manila
National Youth Day @ Pasay


Class Pictorial
Malling with my buddies
Outside the Computer Building
Junior Prom

Now it is my turn to tag Chie, Madz, Joanna, Chelle, Ria, AnnRhea, ...just grab this guys if you have high school photos with you! Have fun...:)


Rechie said...

hello demzz apil ko anu nga tag nho? hehehe tnx dems murag mg-enjoy ko ani

Chubskulit Rose said...

yohoooooooooooo.... danda ni manang hehehe.. au au!

Maus said...

asan ka demz dito sa 1st pic ?