Sunday, November 16, 2008

SpruceHost Budget Web Hosting

Have you ever heard of Spruce Host? SpruceHost is a fast, affordable, and easy to use web host.Do you know that SpruceHost - Affordable cPanel Hosting starting at 2$/Month? Yes, you heard me right! Two bucks per month? How cheap is that! SpruceHost is a great place to let your website take root and grow. Unlike other companies that pay their support agents per-issue or by the hour, at Sprucehost their agents are paid based on the depth and satisfaction of the client. This means they will keep working to do whatever they can to make sure you are happy. Their support agents are proud to hold up the SpruceHost company name and are dedicated to provide great support. Some other hosts site it requires you to have 5 or 10 year contracts to get their advertised price, at Sprucehost they do not have lock in contracts. While other sites may advertise 4$ per month costs, you have to agree to 5 years of hosting and pay it all upfront. With their hosting, there are no lock in contracts. You are free to leave at any time and get a refund for unused time. Why need one when you have an no-time-limit refund policy? If you are ever unsatisfied, just stop using the hosting and you will be paid back for unused time. Is that sounds fair to you? Where else can you find a bargain like this? So what are you waiting for? Visit their website now to get started.

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