Thursday, November 6, 2008

PPP Day Top Earners!

I was browsing PPP last night waiting to see if I can get any opportunity. After refreshing the page for...? who knows how many times! Apparently I did not get any. I was looking around, and I indeed up pressing the dashboard. I saw few people featured as the top earners of the month/day/and all times. If you look at their earnings, you will probably say, really? That is a lot of money to earn just by doing blogging. Well, I think anybody have a chance to earn that big chunks of money. You just need to be persistent and willing to invest your patience, your time, your interest and pretty much everything.
All in a sudden I pressed the top daily earners, then I saw my self as the second one! What? I asked myself, how does it happen? I don't remember making that much, in just one day? no way! I was very ecstatic! It feels really great. Thank God! I did not expect that I will be featured as one of the "day top earners". Also, I would like to thank all my sponsors and my fellow bloggers. I have been blogging for almost 4 months now and I have fun doing it! Blogging helps me to my express my thoughts and ramblings, and aside from that, I have earn extra income. Blogging also allows me to get a chance to know different types of people around the globe, and be friends with them. Thanks guys!


Wengss said...

wow, congratulation to you! PPP top earner, what a blessings Dems.Galing mo ha hehe. bait talaga ni lord.
BTW, congratulation to your new president.. We voted for Barack..he can be a good leader in your country

Malou said...

wow congratulations girl! amazing..sabi nga pag may tyaga may nilaga..hehehe
I'm happy for you demz :-)

Chie Wilks said...

Hi the max najud imung career sa blogging hehehehehe...very gud dems..