Thursday, November 13, 2008

A pie or a Cake?

Yesterday I made porkchop for dinner. I did not take picture of it because some of them were burned...hahah..Yes, I burned it because I was busy doing blogging...I mean not totally burned, we still ate it though...:) This happens to you once in awhile right? hehehhe..what can I say?! I was busy doing the opportunities...heehe...:) After we ate dinner we watched some shows on tv. We love to watch family feud and catch 21. While watching tv, we always have dessert before going to bed. Hubby brought me some dessert from his work. He had the cherry pie and I had this dessert__?___...I have no idea if this is pie or cake? Well, it taste good anyway.hehhe...:)


Umma said...

Hahaha.. thats what you get if you're addicted to blogging. It happened to me too.

the cheesecake looks yummy, no diet sistah?

AnnaRhea said...

hahahaha....akin nlng sana ung burned porkchop!!!...chalap naman ng piecake..