Friday, November 21, 2008


Are you wondering why Obama won the election? There is an Obamanomics study that was put out to analyze the question, why did Obama win the election. If you are interested in reading the report, you can read it from website. The report is completely free. This is a study of social velocity written by Jalali Hartman and edited by Mike Nolan and Emily Paterson. One of the items discussed is how Barack Obama taped into the Facebook phenomena. McCain didn’t tab into the online market like Barack did. He might have gotten his idea from Colbert who almost got elected from running for president and using Facebook to do it. Obama dominated the web with 250% more awareness then McCain. I noticed that too since Obama was putting adds out on Pay Per Post, and we didn’t see any adds at all for McCain. Maybe McCain had a limited view of the internet because he is old and probably never even used it. This report discusses all kind of information by analyzing the campaign of Obama and McCain and brings up some of the issues of why Obama won compared to McCain. McCain didn’t take advantage of a lot of outlets compared to Obama. You should checkout the report if you are interested in why and how Obama won the election.

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OBAMA is the best, i like president Obama in USA.