Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Version of Chicken Afritada

Bloghopping is fun to do. I love to read other peoples post and I found some of them very interesting. One of the places I love to go is Rose blog. I thought she's a very nice person and a very good friend. I enjoy chatting with her online, and I thought that she's my long lost sister. heheh...It's hard not to have a sister where you can share the same interest and do girly stuff. For me I consider her as a sister figure..hehe..thanks sistah!
Anyhow while reading her blog few days ago, she posted one of the filipino dishes that I've been wanting to cook. So I asked her if she could share the recipe to me, and of course she did. She also shared the secret of the recipe...hehhe...good for me. (the secret? don't follow the recipe..hehehe..just kidding!)

I haven't tried to cook this dish in my entire cooking career..hehhe...I'm glad that it turned out fantastic and it taste superb. Thanks a lot sis for sharing the recipe. I am looking forward to cook this dish again.


gLoR!e said... hungry now! i better sleep...thanks for sharing!:)

Malou said...

oi sarap naman yan sis pahingi..hehehw

Umma said...

Looks so yummy sistah. need to pass the secret of your recipe ha.

Chubskulit Rose said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmm! sarap naman, thanks for the special mention hehehe.. luvya mwah!!

Anonymous said...

oo di nman exactly follow the recipe ikaw na bahala dun sarap nyan kc pag nagluto din ako nyan sarap na sarap c hubby hehe